Enjoy these photos of our dogs that are competing for their
Creating Canine Champions
Rainbow Showdogs LLC
Professional Dog Show Handling
2017 Class Competitors
Rainbow Showdogs
specializes in meeting
and exceeding goals of
owners while
maintaining a fun
relaxing atmosphere
for the dogs.  Creating
a loving relationship
with your dog one
ribbon at a time.

Giselle Iz Blagorodnogo Domo
Has both her majors!
Yovanni of Balihara Ranch
"Yo Dawg"
Our "other" Chezh Import!
Liberty Run's 4 Leaf Clover
Has Both her majors!
CH Liberty Run's Hooked on
a Feeling
Liberty Run's Featherweight
12 pts with 3 mjrs
Vyrtuous Captain's Noble Heart
Needs 3 singles to finish his
Best of Breed Winner
Filmmakers American Classic
AKC pointed
Isneista's Sota at Liberty Run
Needs 1 point to finish her CH
Rainbow's Game Day of
13 pts with both majors
Muh-lane-ee b-ai-b-ee gal Melanie
Baby Girl
AKC pointed
Liberty Run's Light My Fire
Has both her majors before 7
months of age!
CH Calico Ridge Master of
Mahem at Filmmaker
Katcrew -Capreil What
Witchcraft is this
AKC Pointed
Cynara's Josey Wales The
Outlaw GCGU
Major Pointed from the 6-9
month Puppy Class
ShelShire's Easter Lilly
AKC pointed
Best of Breed Winner
CH Paragon's Freya at Defions
Baby Whiskey!
To come out in 2017!!
Howlinwolf Czar Pochi
AKC CH ptd
First Champion of 2017
Liberty Run's Rave On
Liberty Run's We Give
You Glory
"Glory B"
Howlinwolf Czarina Bella
AKC pointed first weekend in
the ring!
BIF DC  FC CH Vrytuous
Venus Beretta Storm
NEW 2017 Champion
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
Blackriver's What a Might Oakley
Has 12 pts with both majors!
CH George!
Shown by both his mom and I!
Liberty Run's Leaping Lizzard
Has 1 AKC major
CH Rainbow's Cookie
Finished with 3 majors all
points from the BBE class
New Champion
Group Placing
CH Bayshore Baldur of Isneista
2017 National Rankings -
4 All  Breed  
Vyrtuous Encore Performance
AKC Pointed
New Champion
Macwallace on a Higher Level
Mr. Fermi
eeds 3 singles to finish
Lukehaven Freyja of Isneista
Looking her her majors!
New Champion
Great View's Colt 6 Guns a
Blazin Howe's of Blues
sitting at 10 pts with both
majors before a year of age!
Isneista Eddu Alspori of Bayshore
NEW 2017 Champion
NEW 2017 Champion
NEW 2017 Champion
NEW 2017 Champion
NEW 2017 Champion