Rainbow Showdogs LLC
Professional Dog Show Handling
Creating Canine Champions
"Specials" are AKC Champions of Record that compete in Best of Breed.  
The dogs on this page are either competing for top national rankings or
working on the Grand Championship Requirements.
Rainbow Showdogs
specializes in meeting
and exceeding goals of
owners while
maintaining a fun
relaxing atmosphere
for the dogs.  Creating
a loving relationship
with your dog one
ribbon at a time.

2017 Specials
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
B Liberty Run's Exquisite
2016 Westminster Breed Winner!
Group Winner
Multiple Group Placing
GCH Vyrtuous Block and Tackle
GCH Vyrtuous Endearing Heart
Working on her Bronze GCH
Group Placing
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Karanoff Chimera AOM
Watch for her on the
international circuit and at
selected AKC Shows
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Vyrtuous Liquid Courage
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Vyrtuous Five Alarm
Working on her Bronze Level
GCH and taking time to mature
Group Placing
DC Vyrtuous You Caught Me Eye SC
Working her GCH
Group Winner
GCH Chellenger Gana Todo
2017 National Rankings -
#4 Breed and #4 All Breed
CH Howlinwolf Reine Des
Finished her Championship
in 7 shows!
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Liberty Run's Talladaga Nights
"Ricky Bobby"
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Howlinwolf Silverfrost Blizzard
Multiple Group Winning and Placing
GCHS Penpoint-Abracadabra AOM
(2), AOE (2) -
Watch for Merlyn and Cortlund
occasionally in the breed ring showing as
a Veteran or watch for them in Junior
Cortlund guided Merlyn to a Group 4
She's Back!
Multiple Group Winning -
Multiple Group Placing
GCHB Shelshire Redbud's Sugar
Coated AOM
2017 National Rankings -
5 Breed and #13 All Breed
2017 National Rankings -
9  Breed
2017 National Rankings -
20 All  Breed  
CH Rainbow's Sugar Cookie Cutter
Finished his Championship in 8
shows with 3 majors and at 7
months of age!
Starting his GCH Quest
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
CH Liberty Run's Independence
Working on her GCH
Snati is back just having fun!
2017 National Rankings -
#7 Breed & #
9 All  Breed  
2017 National Rankings -
4 Breed and #2 All Breed
MultipleGroup Placing
B  Isneista Vaskfu of
Bayshore NA NAJ AOM
1st AOM at the 2017 National
FLASH - Group 2 at the super
competitive OKC Shows!
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
GCH Gerplu Blida Snotra
Finished her GCH in 3 weekends!
2017 National Rankings -
8 Breed and #10 All Breed
Best of Breed Winner
CH Liberty Run's Isneista Reika
Starting her GCH quest
NEW 2017 Champion