The Rainbow Showdogs Philsophy:

As a professional handler, I work with you to train your dog to be a
show dog.  Dogs are trained, conditioned (muscle tone), groomed and
taught to strut their stuff in the ring.   I know your dog is a member of
your family.  I want you to know that while my team is guiding your
dog through the showing process, your dog becomes a loved member of
our family as well.  We never forget the fact that for you every win is a
special win from the first ribbon a dog earns to its championship title.

A handler is only as strong as their support system.  Throughout the
years,  I have been blessed to have a wonderful team.   I always try to
have help at a show, and my team rotate's due to everyone's schedule.  
I am honored to have so many skilled individuals who want to help.    
The most important member of the team is you -- the owner.  Owners
set the goals for their dogs:  AKC Championship title, Grand
Championship title, national ranking, or attending big shows like the
AKC Eukanuba Invitational or even Westminster.  All of us work
together to reach the goal set for each dog!

Member of the PHA - Professional Handlers Association.
Handling Rates start at $85 for class animals and $100 for specials
Dogs share expenses - stated in Handling Contract
Ringside handling is available at certain shows

Contact me for my complete handling information, pricing, handling
agreement, and power of attorney.  I will gladly email you my

handling packet.  karcsmith@pldi.net

I prefer to evaluate your dog for it's show potential in person and will give
you my honest opinion.    I will guide your dog toward  your goals and on a
time-line that is financially feasible for you.   
Rainbow Showdogs LLC
Professional Dog Show Handling
Creating Canine Champions
Handling Services
Rainbow Showdogs
specializes in meeting
and exceeding goals of
owners while
maintaining a fun
relaxing atmosphere
for the dogs.  Creating
a loving relationship
with your dog one
ribbon at a time.

Creating a loving relationship one ribbon at a time