Creating Canine Champions
Rainbow Showdogs LLC
Professional Dog Show Handling
Rainbow Showdogs
specializes in meeting
and exceeding goals of
owners while
maintaining a fun
relaxing atmosphere
for the dogs.  Creating
a loving relationship
with your dog one
ribbon at a time.

Bravo (Rhod)
Sota (Icelandic)
Enrico (Cardigan)
Clover (Swissy)
Colt (Dane)
Feather (Entle)
Freya (Icelandic)
Kai (Icelandic)
Reaper (Rhodesian) - Our 240th CHAMPION
Monster (Cardigan)
Beezer (Icelandic)
Reika (Icelandic)
Freya (Bordeaux)
Snotra (Icelandic)
Sport (Sibe)
Charlett (Swissy)
Loco (Entle)
Indy (Entle)
Yo Dawg (Swissy)
Charolette (Swissy)
Duncan (Bulldog)
Cami (Saluki)
Cutter (Cardigan)
Ricky Bobby (Swissy)
Blizzard (Borzoi)
Storm (Rhodesian)
Reine (Borzoi)
Dodge (Entlebucher)
Happy (Entlebucher)

Reika (Icelandic)
Gemma (Tib Mast) - Bronze Level GCH
Vinney (Icelandic) - Bronze Level GCH
Snotra (Icelandic)
Teegan (Rhodesian)
Vinney (Icelandic) - our 90th GCH title
Blizzard (Borzoi)
Ricky Bobby (Swissy)
Quizzy (Entle) - Bronze Level GCH
Dodge (Entle) - GCH title
Whisky (Rhodesian)

Merlyn (Pointer) Sporting Group BIS, Group2, 2 Group 4's
Dodge (Entlebucher) Group 1, 2 Group 3's, 2 Group 4's
Gunner (Rhodesian) Group 2, Group 3, Group 4
Chili (Rhod) Group 2, Group 3
Vinney (Icelandic) Group 2
Isla (Rhodesian) Group 2
Coty (Cardigan) 2 Group 3's
Gemma (Tib Mastiff) Group 4
Orion (Sm Dach) Group 4
Ricky Bobby (Swissy) Group 4

2017 NATIONAL RANKINGS (thru Aug 31st)
Gemma (Tibetan Mastiff) #1 Breed #3 All Breed
Vinney (Icelandic) #
2 Breed and #2 All Breed
Dodge (Entlebucher) #4 Breed #
3 All Breed
Orion (Sm Dach) #7 Breed #17 All Breed

Snotra (Icelandic) #
7 Breed #10 All Breed
Snati (Icelandic) #9 Breed  #1
2 All Breed
Gunner (Rhod) #16 Breed #1
5 All Breed

Cortlund and Merlyn (Pointer)
#3 All Breed Junior
#2 Sporting Junior
#1 Pointer Junior

Maggie (Cardi)
Truman (Cardi)
Gill (GSP)
Finn (Rhodesian)
Gunnar (Rhodesian) - our 215th CHAMPION
Astro (Cardigan)
Rebel (Rhodesian)
Gable (Rhodesian)
Chili (Rhodesian)
Elsa (Rhodeisan)
Tracer (Cardi)
Soloman (Rhodesian)
Smilla (Borzoi)
Melody (Pointer)
Seger (Rhodesian)
Boots (Swissy)
Duncan (Bulldog)
Isla (Rhodesian)
Teegan (Rhodesian)
Keeska (Borzoi) - our 200th CHAMPION
Bertha (ACD)

Chili (Rhod)
Edison (Cardi) - Silver Level GCH
Matty (Sibe)
Raider (Bel Mal)
Smilla (Borzoi) - our 80th GCH title
Zouk (Rhod) - Bronze Level GCH
Monroe (Mini Bull)
Luna (Icee)
Bakari (Rhod)
Edison (Cardi) - Bronze Level GCH
Tickle (Rat Terrier)
Keeska (Borzoi)
Gunner (Rhod)
Zouk (Rhod)
Morley (Cardi) - our 70th GCH

Edison (Cardi) RBIS, 2 Group 1, Group 2, 2 Group 4's
Zouk (Rhod) Group 1,  2 Group 2's 3 Group 3's, Group 4
Gunner (Rhod) Group 1, Group 2
Smilla (Borzoi) Group 3
Monore (Mini Bull) Group 3
Snati (Icee) Group 4
Matty (Sibe) Group 4

2017 National Rankings
Snati (Icelandic Sheepdog) #3 Breed and #5 All Breed
Quizzy (Entlebucher) #6 Breed and #6 All Breed
Dodge (Entlebucher) #7 Breed and #7 All Breed
Indy (Entlebucher) #8 Breed and 8 All Breed
Zouk (Rhod) #12 Breed and #11 All Breed
Edison (Cardi) #18 Breed and #18 All Breed
Our 100th Champion
Chance - LH Dach
Finnish Lapphund
National Specialty
One to remember!
Purina Farms:
Merlyn (Pointer) Sporting Speicalty Best in Show, Group 2 & 4
Orion (SM Dach) 3 Breeds and Group 4
Dodge (Entle) 2 Breeds
Teegan (Rhod) 1 Breed, 2 BOS
Gunner (Rhod) 1 BOS, 1 Select
Blizzard (Borzoi) 3 Selects
Gambit (Rhod) 1 WD, 1 CH pt, 1 RWD
A Win to Remember!!!!