Thank you for wanting to learn more about  Kari Smith and Kathy Rasmussen
(Oklahoma) - the partners of Rainbow Show Dogs and owner of and trainers of
show dogs, performance dogs and family pets.  We compete in AKC (American
Kennel Club), TDAA (Teacup Dog Agility Association), ICKC, IABCA, and ICE
International organization events.

We are also extremely proud that all our chosen breeds have been deemed
worthy of winning awards at their given National Specialty Breed shows.

Our dogs are our family members, our babies, they are sofa buddies and bed
hogs.  They are crate trained - but when we are home - they are with us.    We
do different activities with the dogs to keep them entertained and feel loved.
Once it is determined an animal won't be used in our breeding program, it is
spayed/neutered to help it stay healthy and for our house to stay sane.

We only breed when we are trying to produce a puppy for us to continue our
line.  Our price is set with the current standards for high quality dogs and it
helps cover the cost of having a litter, genetic tests, stud fees, prenatal expenses,
and puppy expenses.  The price also helps ensures the new owners take the
puppy seriously as a new family member and not a thing to dispose of when they
tire of it.  We have a puppy application and puppy contracts to help us determine
if you are a good fit for one of our babies.  Not every dog is a show dog - but
every dog deserves a loving home.     

Kathy and I are members in good standing with many local/national
organizations dealing with our breeds and or training groups.  Kari became of
member of the PHA in 2016. We sign and abide by all code of ethics given by
each organization and do our best to protect each of the wonderful breeds that
have made their home with us.

Our Breeds:
Siberian Huskies
1970's - our start to raising/showing Siberian Huskies, Mom Created our Kennel
name of Rainbow Siberians.

1990's - Our biggest success with Nationally Ranked, multiple Group Winning,
BISS (Best in Specialty Show) Champion KisNTel's I See A Rainbow "Icy".
We kept Icy's daughter Squeakers who was AKC ptd and she produced 3 sons:
Rocky - AKC Champion, Rally Novice Title
Doogie - Specialty Show High Scoring In Obedience, Companion Dog Title, Rally
Novice Title
Calvin - Specialty Show High Scoring In Obedience, Companion Dog Title, Rally
Novice and Rally Advance Titles

2008  - We got Cosmo who is a AKC Champion and Grand Champion.  

2011 -  We got Bubbles who is a AKC Champion.

2013 - We had a litter of six Siberians (Cosmo x Bubbles) and kept one of the
girls who has finished championship.  The litter has already produced two
Champions plus another major pointed offspring, two Grand Champions, and a
Multiple Group Placer.  One littermate is a Service Dog.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis
1999 - We got Mac, our first Cardigan.  He was an AKC Champion, Companion
Dog Title, Rally Novice Title.  Mac also was the 2002 National Specialty High
Scoring Champion of Record in the Obedience Trial.

2002 - We got Draco and Piper, both who were AKC Champions.  Draco also
earned his Companion Dog Title and Rally Novice Title.

2003 - We got Cider, who earned her AKC Championship and produced 3 litters
of puppies for us, many AKC pointed and wonderful family pets.

2005 - We kept a Mac x Cider son - Fletcher that is AKC pointed but he is
retired and is Craig's best buddy.

2006 - Bling came into our life and is an AKC Champion and TDAA TACH  
(Agility Champion Title) which includes TBAD, TIAD, TSAD, TG1, TG2, TG3,
TMAG, and TAM agility titles.  Bling produced two litters of pups with 5 AKC
Champions, 2 Grand Champions,  Group Placements, the 2011 Eukanuba Bred
By Winner and an Award of Excellence Winner was Bling's Son Bonner,  and
TDAA agility titles.

2008 - Frodo is the Bling Son that stayed with us - he is our first AKC Champion
and Grand Champion and Group Placer that we bred that lives with us.  He also
also won 2 Best In Shows - Champion of Honor with the ICKC show organization.

2011 - I feel in love with this crazy little kid named Bandit!  He was actually 3
single points away from his championship but we stopped showing him and ended
up finding him the perfect home for him.  He had a specialty major and we love
following his adventures with his new family!

2015 - The story goes, I brought home a stowaway from Nationals!   I found this
really cute little red head with a pedigree that goes back to our beginning and
she now calls our house home!  Pepper has been sporadically show but has
earned 6 CH pts with a major.  

2016 - We have a new litter of Cardigans!  We are currently running the three
puppies on to evaluate them for showing and breeding purposes, they start
showing in 2017.  

2017 - Cutter - finished his CH in 8 shows with 3 majors!  Monster went to her
first show and won both her majors from the BBE!  Arrow and her owner Cole
earned their first title - Novice Trick Dog!! We are repeating this litter in 2017.

2003 - Razzy and Ziggy joined our households.  Both earned their AKC

2005 - BamBam was plopped in my lap and never left after that!  She is an AKC
Champion and is the princess of house.  She was my first dog to earn 2
placements at the same National!

2010 - Yes a little bit of a wait but boy it was worth it!  Merlyn came into our
world and it's been a ride of a life time!  AKC Champion, Silver Level Grand
Champion,  2011 National Specialty Select Dog/First Award of Merit, 2013
National Specialty Award of Merit, 2013  and 2015 AKC Eukanuba Award of
Excellence.  He has also earned 20 group placements for 4 Group Wins!  At
IABCA Shows: he is a Silver Level International Champion,  International
Gold Cup Winner,  Reserve Gold Cup Winner, Multiple International Grand
Sieger Winner and International Multiple Best in Show Winner.   In the ICKC
Show organization - he was the 2015 #7 All Breed dog and was awarded Top
Grand Champion of the Year.  In 2016 he was the #2 All Breed Dog and was
awarded the Hall of Fame Champion of the Year. He has multiple Best In Shows,
Reserve Best In Shows and three top dog of a circuit award.   He has produced
two litters of puppies with 5 AKC Champions, 1 Grand Champion, and other
pointed offspring.  He now a grandfather and those kids are now starting in the

2012 - Merlyn's Daughter Tinsel came to us and she not only finished her
Championship but her Grand Championship.  She is currently residing in
Louisiana bringing new pups to the loving families.

2014 - The Merlyn x Guin daughter came to us - Melody!

2016 - Melody finished her Championship.

2017 - Merlyn and Melody are now competing as Junior's Dogs - Merlyn and
Cortlund are currently the top Junior team for the breed in the nation.  Melody
is just starting her training with multiple juniors.

Our Pointers are enjoying just being our family pets.

Curly Coated Retriever
2007 -  Kari joined ownership with Dennis Akins on a Curly Coated Retriever
named "Desi" and she was 2007 National Specialty Best of Breed Winner. She
finished the 2007 show year as the #3 Breed Curly and #4 All Breed Curly!!  Desi
racked up an impressive resume from wins at Westminster and the AKC
Eukanuba Invitational. At the 2008 National Specialty Desi took Best of
Opposite Sex.

Greater Swiss Mountain  Dogs
In 2015, Anna Wallace offered co-ownership on two special boys - Gibson and
Ricky Bobby.  Gibson finished his Championship with ease and is now maturing
and we hope to special him in 2017.   Ricky Bobby is in the ring working on his
Grand Championship in 2017 - both boys have wonderful attributes and I enjoy
being part owner in them.

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs
I now co-own Dodge with Anna Wallace - Dodge is a Russian Import, is a Group
Winner, GCH and working on being Nationally ranked for 2017.  Love showing
this dog to the dog show world - his movement is stunning and he loves everyone!

Icelandic Sheepdogs
In 2014 I leased Katla and there were 3 pups.  We were looking for a girl to keep
and alas all 3 were boys.  We placed the pick boy up in Utah in a home that
wanted Agility and would maybe do some showing.  Well - that boy,  Vinney is a
multiple group placer AND went Winners Dog/Best of Winner's at the 2015
ISAA National, finishing his Championship 2 days later - he came to me for part
of 2017 and we finished his GCH and he was awarded 1st AOM at the 2017
National Specialty.

.Rainbow Showdogs Handling
I started showing dogs with my mom in the 70's as a Junior Handler.  As most
people, life pulled me away from the sport for school and such but I came back
in the early 90's and by 2000 I started handling dog for clients. I decided to keep
the "Rainbow" part of my heritage and named my business "Rainbow
Showdogs". I started off part-time and spent 10 years building my group of
clients.  I have been a full time handler since 2010, when I left my "real" job to
give what I love a chance to succeed.  In AKC Dog Shows -  I have blessed with
showing dogs in all groups with multiple group winners and group placers, over
200 Champions and  over 80 Grand Championship titles or levels, plus wins at
National and Local Specialties and most important, many new and dear friends
and people to enjoy dog shows with.  I also compete in ICKC and IABCA
international organizations and enjoy competing there, when the schedule allows

I am widowed after 25 yrs of marriage.   My home is in Blanchard, OK - it is a  
brick home on one acre lots that are fenced and have kennel structures to help
protect the dogs from the elements.  I  don't board dogs and I normally pick up
most of the show dogs each weekend as I head out and drop them back home
when we return.   

Canine Sports Academy
Kathy let me take over the dog show reins and she has opened her own business
- Canine Sports Academy.  This is a dream of hers.  She has  a wonderful
training facility that has classes in obedience, conformation, agility, puppy
kindergarten, pet therapy, film star class, dancing with your dogs, etc.       
Creating Canine Champions
Our History
Rainbow Showdogs LLC
Professional Dog Show Handling