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Rainbow Bootcamp and Training
What we affectionately call "boot camp" is really a gentle fun way help dogs
transition from being a pet to a show dog.  This is a specialized training that I
do for client dogs.  Bootcamp is only effective if the dog is shown by our crew
after completing some training with us.  I am not a boarding kennel, but
working around our show schedule I bring in puppies to learn the ropes or
even older dogs that just need the time and patience to help them accept the
dog show routine. The process of training is first to give the dog a chance get
comfortable in a new surrounding and routine and decide on their own that I
am someone they enjoying hanging out with. Then I start a positive training
technique to becoming a show dog. I take the dogs to Canine Sports Academy
for show ring training, and when necessary, boot camp dogs will go to a show
with us but not show - just go get use to traveling, the surroundings and what
is it like to be at a show. Each dog learns all about being a showdog from
stacking, walking on a show lead, crating, grooming, and having fun! Every
dog has different needs which is why Rainbow Show Dogs boot camp is custom
tailored for your dog or puppy.

All dogs in our care are petted, adored, gently trained and guided into a "show
dog" routine that allows them to excel in the ring and have a good time while
they are showing.  Exercise and group play is allowed and encouraged in our
huge back yard.  We know that you have put careful consideration into
nutrition, exercise and coat care, and with that, we attempt maintain the diet
of choice with the food you provide, but we also want to know the details about
what makes your dog "tick."  We want to know preferences and dislikes, and
we want to know what makes your dog happy, because after all, a happy dog
makes a great show dog.

Bootcamp training is $15 a night.  I normally need a minimum of 5-7 days for
the first visit or longer depending on the dog and a second visit is common to
polish off your dog. Please contact me and I will discuss what we can do to help
your pet become a showdog.
Rainbow Showdogs
specializes in meeting
and exceeding goals of
owners while
maintaining a fun
relaxing atmosphere
for the dogs.  Creating
a loving relationship
with your dog one
ribbon at a time.